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Beijing to Xi’an, China

Day 132: Country #15.2

My bad luck briefly continues… After telling me to rendezvoused with her at Beijing South Railway Station to buy train tickets to Xi’an, my friend’s home city, she tells me that we need to depart from West Station.

So instead of leaving my bag at the hostel, I lug it with me from South Station to West Station where I connected with my friend and we left our bags at a storage shop. Then we bought train tickets and checked out bicycles to visit YuYuanTan Park.

0612 China x1

No cutting in line at the Beijing’s Railway Stations!

Again, I was amazed by the bike friendly lanes and it was easy to get to the Millenium monument, where we walked around and entered the park with the goal of strolling west to the CCTV Radio Tower.

0612 China x2

My friend getting a tan near CCTV Tower in YuYuanTan Park, Beijing, China.

We crossed the bridge, walked alongside the lake then forked up the typical sky tower entrance fee and got a pretty clear view of the city. One nice feature of the tower were the detailed metal carvings describing various points of interest around the city.

Once we got down, we searched for bikes but were only able to find one brand, so my friend wasn’t able to checkout a second one for me. There was enough time, and it wasn’t too far, so we decided to walk back. Along the way, we ended up buying a watermelon and ate it as we made our way back to Beijing West Railway Station to catch the overnight train to Xi’an, the city of the Terracotta Warriors.

0612 China x3

Random nuclear plant along the way from Beijing to Xi’an, China.

Sometimes asking a local to help buy tickets will get you local prices because you can avoid transaction fees for using “foreigner” windows or websites that know you have no other choice because you can’t read the local language.

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