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Villages to casinos in the Solomon Islands

After more dolphin watching, we wished the husband off to work as a government IT manager. As we packed and waited for the next bus, I spoke with the wife about their business operations and how they came to run a tourist inn. Based on their concerns and observations of other failed inns, I shared a few suggestions to help improve their business acumen. Back in town, I found a simple room near the bus junction to ensure a direct ride to the airport, then I made my way to the Central Market and nearby Lime Lounge where I found internet and met some foreign researchers and asked their perspective of the country as I recharged all my electronics. Then I decided to check out the unusually high number of casinos located along the main road to quickly observe the atmosphere before grabbing dinner and watching the sunset at the luxurious Heritage Park Hotel where I spoke with the chef who was curious why a non Australian business person was visiting.

It’s a good idea to break your trip into segments of intense exploration and learning, followed by a few days of rest and relaxation to do laundry, sleep and plan the next spurt. I prefer a 2-3 week pace. Make sure to pack and plan enough clothes.

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