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Solomon Islands – Village life

Having caught up on sleep, I woke early and joined the owner in his daily morning dolphin watching – which explained the name of his inn. He described the day to day variation of the dolphin pods feeding from side to side as the occasional fishing boat cruised by. My friend opted to not charter a ferry due to the cost, so instead we asked for a tour through the nearby village. The muddy and slippery route lead through farms and forests before opening up to a small village where we were greeted by kids and spoke to them briefly. The owner’s sister described some of the family ties and rules of law governing the nearby villages, then lead us to another smaller village before we found our way back to the main road. I also learned about her experiences of the previous social unrest that effected the island. When we got back, we snorkeled to cool off and leisurely passed the day away.

In addition to wearing Permethrin treated clothes, you should also protect your head with a meshed-net hat, similar in look to a bee keeper hood. I used a very small light weight version that twists and folds into the palm of the hand, but when opened, it provides shade and completely covers head and neck, fending off mosquitoes and other bugs.


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