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Melbourne to Albury and Canberra

With a very large percentage of Australians living in the huge capital cities, I was curious to see at least one of Australia’s smaller towns. The Greyhound staff suggested Albury, a quiet holiday getaway which was midway between Melbourne and Canberra, the national capital. I was dropped off in the early morning, then wandered around the town and parks for a bit, waiting for shops to open, then entered the visitor center to leave my bag, ask for suggestions and ventured further out. I learned that Albury and it’s neighboring town Wodonga border the two Australian states, and Wodonga was on holiday, so I made the short hike across the town and Murray River, then crossed over then back. I got on the next bus as soon as possible to Canberra, which was a much larger and developed but still had a small town aesthetic. There was only enough time to see the Australian National University and a little of the Botanical Gardens.

Be cognizant of national holidays when crossing borders, especially between countries. You may experience delays or in some cases, not be able to proceed if people aren’t working on the other side.

0313 Australia

Big Balls sculpture at the border between Albury and Wodonga

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