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Perth to Melbourne, Australia

Day 33: Country #6

The lawyer invited me to check out Trigg beach, Perth’s most popular beach for locals, and go hiking. After checking out of the guesthouse (which I didn’t like much), I dropped off my stuff at her apartment, we got a super healthy brunch, and I continued the local experience. Trigg is about the same distance as Fremantle, so we had plenty of time to hike the Bushland Reserve, explore a nearby school then walk around the beach talking about life, cost of living, and day to day problems, as well as travel suggestions for the rest of Australia. Then we heading back to the city so that I could grab my stuff and make my way to Melbourne. I stayed an

It’s great to make friends that can show you around like a local because it allows you to get a real sense for what living in that location is really like. Even though you’re exploring the tourist attractions and reading about the city from guides, they’re reflections of past experiences and suggestions. You also learn about local spots and activities.

0304 Australia

A healthy brunch in Perth

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