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Perth – Joondalup

Day 32: Country #6

Having failed to find an affordable path to venture to greater Western Australia, I went as far north as practical, to Joondalup, which turned out to be another relatively quiet suburb but with a large park, lake, and university. Students must have been on break because most of the area was incredibly quiet. As I was departing Perth, I ran into a foreign university student who offered to show me around Perth after my Joondalup excursion, so I messaged him as I made my way back and arranged to meet at a convenient station where he picked me up and we ate near his school. He shared his aspirations and outlook on opportunities in Australia and I told him about America’s immigration system, then he dropped me off at the train station and I made my way back to Perth city center. Somehow, despite passing the transit hub numerous times over the last few days, I found a different exit and in my confusion started talking to a law student who offered to show me around the city from a local perspective, which I gladly accepted in exchange for my travel experiences. I ended up seeing some local tourist sites not listed on my map and the University of Western Australia where we found peacocks roaming on campus.

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Trail along Lake Joondalup

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