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Tag: Bangladesh

Government in Bangladesh

Day 163: Country #18 Having explored the older quarter, wealthy suburbs and commercial center, as well as one education institution, I set out to see some of the government institutions […]

Northern Dhaka, Bangladesh

Day 162: Country #18 Aware of Bangladesh’s status as one of the world’s poorest countries, my personal interest in understanding socioeconomic inequality lead me to visit the wealthy “suburbs” to […]

Old Dacca (Dhaka), Bangladesh

Day 161: Country #18 The hotel staff were super nice and offered sight seeing suggestions as I waited for the complementary breakfast to be prepared at the attached restaurant. Aside […]

Kathmandu, Nepal to Dhaka, Bangladesh

Day 160; Country #18 I really enjoyed eating breakfast on the rooftop, talking to the wonderful family hosting me and getting to know them and various other family and travel […]