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Library money savings

You may associate libraries with books, but do you see them as a repository of money? If you aren’t a fan of reading but would like to save money, here are some ways to reconsider your relationship with the library.

Libraries carry plenty of non reading material. Although the books are bulky and take up the majority of the visible space, many libraries have equally as large collections of digital items like DVDs, audio books, computer labs and even board games and arts and crafts activities for the community. These resources can save you on entertainment expenses.

Do you like working from the coffee shop? Well, many libraries have small cafe’s as well and they may actually be quieter because everyone knows to stay quiet at the library. Work from the library is also acceptable for people other than students – just don’t make phone calls and be considerate of others around you. Save with cheaper coffee and free working space.

And of course libraries are sources of knowledge if you choose to seek it out. Unsure about a business issue? Find a book in the business section! Want to learn new skills to increase your earning potential? There are all sorts of books for that. Stressed out by life and feeling unproductive? Clear your mind with a book and expand your mind.

As a member of the community you are paying for the library’s services somehow. But if you actually check out materials and return them on time, it’s all practically free. So, take advantage of it’s resources to save money and improve your income.


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