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East Bali, Indonesia

From Sanur, we drove east, parallel the coastline until Candidasa where we headed inland to Tirta Gangga, a garden with stepping stones along it’s beautiful Koi ponds. Then we back tracked and visited Tenganan, Lotus Lagoon in Candidasa, an ancient village where they bred very colorful roosters including flamingo pink, Pura Goa Lawah where I observed large groups of women sitting together for safety and working on various arts, crafts and decorations, the city of Semarapura’s Klungkung’s palace with it’s decaying structures and basic museum. Along the way we stopped at a smaller temple where my search for fresh coconut water also discovered a unique avocado chocolate smoothie. We made it back in good time to catch a dynamic picture of the Ramayana Monument before returning to Kuta to watch the sunset.

When touring with a driver, if you are not able to make a circular route or travel just one direction, meaning you need to back track on the same path, it’s better to leave early and immediately travel the longest distance to the farthest point first so you can catch some extra sleep and then work backyards to avoid the crowds of other tourists. Actually, you will run into them at some intersection point, but the beginning and end should be less crowded.

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