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Solomon Islands – Dolphin Inn

As we were to travel west, my friend arrived at the airbnb in the morning and we walked a short distance to an unofficial bus interchange where we waited a while for the longer distance bus to fill it’s seats. I had our destination marked on the map and noted that there was only one room left, but my friend insisted that we show up at their door to negotiate. The owner was quite nice and we were able to negotiate the rate that we wanted, including meals. I felt that I had increased a level in traveling acumen. The sole bungalow also came with a mobile hotspot and a solar charged battery, surprisingly modern amenities. We relaxed and talked for the rest of the day and I gleamed travel suggestions from his 120+ countries of experience.

One of the more popular methods for extensive lifelong travel a to live modestly while working and saving money half the year then traveling the other half. The time working at home isn’t long enough to acclimate to an expensive lifestyle nor acquire material possessions. The time traveling is long enough that you can take longer at each location, which saves a lot on transportation expenses. The scheduling varies: some people work until they accumulate enough savings for 3-6 months of travel, while others travel 3 months at a time to avoid winter.

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