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Day 0: United States

This time one year ago, I set off on a safari across Asia and Oceania to explore, learn about, and get first hand knowledge of the other half of the world. In Africa, “Safari” refers to a grand adventure. I will be sharing mine alongside travel advice and regular personal finance posts.

After preparing one backpack, my phone and a rough list of all the countries I wanted to see, organized so that I would avoid rainy and peak tourist seasons, I headed off in the early morning to Singapore. Being a major international hub at the center of the region, it’s easy to find a great deal to start a trip here.

I highly recommend getting a good travel credit card. Most come with an annual fee, but the benefits of travel insurance, purchase credits, bonus points, lounge access (free local style food, drinks, internet and even showers in some), foreign transaction fee savings, hotel stays, concierge for emergency needs and many more are definitely worth it.

I had a nice breakfast at the American Express Centurion Lounge before boarding my flight. It’s a good reason to show up early and not miss your flight.

Departing 0130

A good travel credit card has airport lounge access

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