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Tag: Money

Reducing taxes

By the end of January, many people should have received their W-2’s and other income documents. You may think that the prior tax year is pretty much over and all […]

Retirement strategies

A recent Stanford retirement study caught my attention. The authors evaluated nearly 300 scenarios and concluded that the best way to maximize income is to start social security at age […]


Much is written about the miracle of compounding. Often Einstein is quoted as saying the most powerful force in the universe is compound interest, but there’s much more to compounding […]

Bank fees: expect none

Banks have been in the news lately following last month’s changes to tax legislation. From bonus payments and pay raises for employees, to increasing bank fees, we see a mixed […]

Millennials save over $100K

The “Better Money Habits” report of Millennial finances just released by Bank of America helps dispel prolific stereotypes that we are all foolish spenders, poor money managers, tepid by the […]